TSL Redundancy Support

The aim of TSL Redundancy is to help anyone who has been dismissed or made redundant and support them in their attempts to find a new job as quickly as possible – in a best-case scenario, before their current employment has even ended

TSL Omställning – Redundancy – is an insurance policy based on a collective labour agreement which was created by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in 2004 and intended for staff subject to a collective labour agreement who have been made redundant. This policy is administered by the Employment Security Fund but is run by partners, including ManpowerGroup. 

We have been working with and developing our TSL programme within ManpowerGroup since the scheme began in 2004, and we are one of the designated national suppliers in this field. In our view, making people redundant involves taking complete responsibility for every stage of the process before, during and after a redundancy process. The elements included in the TSL service form part of the responsibility we take, but we have so much more to offer.

With our extensive knowledge of the labour market, our wide contact network and trained coaches all over Sweden, we have extensive experience of providing successful support to help people find new jobs. We give each and every person a job coach and an individual redundancy programme based on their own specific needs.