The way to a new job

Different people follow different roads to new jobs. Some people want to continue in the same profession, some want to try something different, and some want to do some training before taking on a new job. We are responsible for meeting these people's needs and working with them to provide a way forward.

Our programme is structured on the basis of five themes
From experience, we know that these elements provide a good foundation for successful jobseeking. Each element includes various activities, both individual and in the form of seminars, which support the target: a new job.

Personal inventory
Work analysis – what is the best way for people to examine and describe their professional talents, performance and strengths? How do you write an attractive CV and covering letter, and how do you guarantee your references?

The labour market
How does the labour market work? What is the current labour market like, in general? What is the situation with the local labour market? How do companies find new staff nowadays?

Looking for work
What channels are available for finding vacancies, and how do they work? How can you be active when looking for jobs? How do you create and execute a personal marketing plan? How can you stand out from the crowd?

Nobody can avoid interviews nowadays, which is why we focus extensively on supporting and helping people to feel comfortable with interviews. How do you prepare for an interview? What should you consider before, during and after the interview? How should you deal with difficult questions and gaps in your CV? How can you interpret the interviewer's signals? There is a lot of emphasis on practical training for this element.

Future development
The tools and insights provided during coaching will give individuals the power and the skills to influence their futures and their development.

Overall, we incorporate the experience and company contacts we have gained from our recruitment and staffing operations in the work we do on redundancy. This gives us a lot of advantages, such as a knowledge of where staff are needed, contact paths, the skills required of the workforce of today, and what helps people to achieve interview success. Everything we need to be able to guide people into new jobs quickly and professionally.

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