Building & Construction

Our Building & Construction specialist field offers skills in the fields of building, construction, electrics, telecoms and alarms.

Both we and our customers are constantly in need of trained tradesmen in particular, such as bricklayers, tilers, floorlayers and carpenters, but other skills are also needed for Sweden's construction projects. You're welcome to register your CV regardless of whether you have professional experience and want to take on new challenges, or whether you're just out of training and hunting for your first job.

Work as our Building & Construction consultant
Employment with us means that you'll be outsourced to our customers. This job offers plenty of variety, so allowing you to develop quickly in your professional role while also building up a broad network of contacts.

Apprentice electrician?
If you're a newly trained electrician and need apprentice hours so that you can get your professional certificate, you can do this by being employed by us. You'll then receive an increased monthly salary in accordance with Manpower's agreement with the Swedish Electricians' Union (Svenska Elektrikerförbundet, SEF) while clocking up apprentice hours at the same time.