Creative and dynamic approach in the world of media

Getting a foot in the door in the world of media isn't the easiest thing to do, and in fact it can be every bit as difficult to keep that foot in the door for any length of time. The media industry is dynamic, and staff needed for one project may be surplus to requirements on the next one. That's why a lot of media companies choose to hire a lot of their staff from us here at Manpower.

Our Media business area is aimed at people looking for jobs as photographers, editors, make-up artists, reporters, sound engineers, Technical Operations Managers, researchers, online reporters, webmasters, etc. We have all kinds of customers in TV and production companies, among them SVT (Sveriges Television).  

If you're new to the industry, you may prefer to be employed by us as a consultant. If you're self-employed, we can subcontract work to you. No matter what option you prefer, you have everything to gain from becoming part of our huge network of contacts. Welcome!