Manpower Jobbstart

Manpower JobbstartManpower Jobbstart's mission is to support individuals who are inactive or are newly arrived in Sweden so they can quickly reach self-sufficiency, either through a job, own business or start studying. Our goal is that Manpower Jobbstart´s individualized contributions will help to beat exclusion and promote socio-economic development of the whole society. Our work contributes in the long term to reduce the cost of state and local government agencies.

We aim to expand and establish Manpower Jobbstart´s offices nationally by providing targeted contributions to priority target groups.

Our target groups

  • Newcomers
  • Unemployed
  • Immigrants
  • adolescents
  • + 55

Our range of services

  • Work Preparatory Action / Labour market initiatives
  • Establishment Pilot
  • Civics