Unga Jobb

We are now helping young adults to cross the threshold into the labour market.

Unga jobb glad tjejOur aim is to offer 10 000 internships to young adults all over Sweden.

With offices in 60 locations in Sweden, we have a large network of contacts in most industries. We work on the basis of our local offices and find internships that will make it possible for the young generation to get the work experience they require. We find the internships, and the Employment Service finds the trainees!

Most of the companies that accept trainees are motivated by the opportunity to take social responsibility. It is in their interests to support the communities in which they operate. The situation involving young people is particularly important as these young people are our future. Unga Jobb ā€“ Jobs for Young People ā€“ was launched in 2009 as a partnership between Swedbank and the Employment Service.