TSL Redundancy Support terms

Redundancy support may be awarded to employees who are made redundant on account of a shortage of work as per the definition in the Employment Protection Act, Lagen om anställningsskydd. Redundancy support is a financial means of support designed to finance redundancy programmes, not financial payments to individuals. The company making staff redundant, together with the local trade union select which redundancy company and job coaches will be commissioned to handle the redundancy process.

Companies may be awarded redundancy support if:

  • they are affiliated to TSL via collective labour agreement insurance
  • the application and all personal appendices are signed by both the company and the local trade union organisation
  • the application is made after the time of redundancy at the earliest
  • the application for redundancy support has been made no more than 12 months after the last day of employment
  • the application states which redundancy supplier has been selected
  • the application includes a fully completed personal appendix/appendices signed by the person/people made redundant, the company and a local trade union representative
  • the redundancy programme has commenced no more than 12 months after TSL has made a decision with regard to contribution

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