Benefits and offers for our consultants

We offer our consultants a dynamic work with secure, personal and sustainable employment. As a consultant at Manpower you get free access to 4,500 courses, lectures and audiobooks to develop your skills.


Dynamic work with secure employment

In addition to exciting career opportunities, Manpower offers its employees benefits to create security and a balance between work and private life, allowing you to lead an active life outside of work. Our employees are provided with occupational pension, preventive health care and parental leave pay. You are also covered by insurance through collective agreements, which means that you are fully insured on your way to and from work and at work. If you travel for work, you also have an advantageous work travel insurance policy.

Secure, personal and sustainable employment

We are an authorised staffing company. This means that as one of our consultants, you enjoy collectively bargained salary, insurance, pension and vacation. It is important to us to offer all our consultants a safe and sustainable employment. When you work for us, you have the same benefits and security as with a traditional employer, but you have more opportunities to shape your career as you prefer, and in a shorter time. You will of course have a consultant manager that is available and keeps in touch with you and your client throughout your employment. Your consultant manager is responsible for your assignments, making sure that you are happy with your workplace and that you get to grow in your professional role.

Skills development – free access to 4,500 courses, lectures and audiobooks

You will naturally have opportunities for skills development during assignments at Manpower. Additionally, all Manpower employees have access to over 4,500 interactive courses via our e-learning portal PowerYOU. You will find a wide range of courses in customer service, sales, projects, IT, leadership and more. We also offer all employees lectures and audiobooks via Kontentan and Mindit. Kontentan is a digital knowledge library where you can find the latest, most interesting business literature summarised and magazines and audiobooks. Mindit’s recorded lectures can inspire you to grow even more, privately and in your professional role. There are lectures in areas such as leadership, collaboration, personal development, and communication.