Our Brands and Services

Manpower is part of ManpowerGroup, a world leader in the field of skills provision.

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ManpowerGroup is a world leader in the field of staffing-related services. Global insights and local expert knowledge allow us to add value for our customers. We are one of the ten biggest employers in Sweden and had a turnover of SEK 4.7 billion in 2012. More about ManpowerGroup.

We work with companies of all sizes in many different industries, operating under three brands:


Experis logotypExperis supplies managerial and specialist skills – via consultancy operations, recruitment and project solutions. We combine our experience of the industry with our knowledge of human potential in order to ensure growth for both individuals and businesses. More about Experis.


Manpower logotypManpower is a world leader in the field of staff hire and recruitment. We use one of Sweden's biggest candidate databases, and our extensive knowledge of the needs of various businesses to match the right person to the right position.


TSL Omställning – Redundancy – is an insurance policy based on a collective labour agreement which was created by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation in 2004. Its aim is to ensure that anyone who loses their job can get help with finding a new job, ideally before their employment ends. We offer people jobs coaches and individual redundancy programmes. With our extensive knowledge of the labour market, our wide contact network and trained coaches all over Sweden, we have extensive experience of providing successful support to help people find new jobs. More about TSL Omställning.