Our CSR work

Our core business has always involved offering people support to help them find work and giving people opportunity to provide for themselves.

We look at people's own individual potential and driving forces, and then we work on the basis of what our customers need to create a match which will promote both the company's business and the needs of the individual. And for people who still have a way to go before they enter the labour market, we use our knowledge and experience to find them jobs based on their skills and abilities.

A sustainable labour market

We want to show that it is possible to make changes and at the same time create new opportunities and better jobs, and it should be possible to measure our social commitment through the footprint it leaves in society. We use our knowledge and expertise to find innovative solutions which build a sustainable labour market. A labour market that excludes no-one, but which includes everyone and provides opportunities for each and every person.

Our aim is to work only with suppliers which themselves work actively with CSR and which are also interested in creating a sustainable labour market.

Quality and environmental impactMinimal environmental impact

We are working actively to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. Last year, we achieved a more than 20 per cent reduction in our carbon dioxide emissions generated by flights. We hold environmental accreditation to ISO 14001.