Things to remember before your interview

Prepare well

  • Collect together certificates and diplomas that reinforce your CV. Read through your covering letter, and be prepared to be able to clarify and justify anything you've written in it. Also make sure you can explain any gaps in your CV.
  • Talk to your referees to let them know someone might be contacting them, and tell them what kind of job you've applied for.
  • Think carefully about how to dress, and try to adapt your clothing to suit the industry and job.
  • Read up about the company on their website, and Google the company name so that you're updated on what's being written about them. Try to work out as far as possible what kind of company it is. Also read through the job ad again and consider how you might match what the company is looking for with your own merits.
  • If you like, prepare some questions of your own about both the company and the job. How many people will be included in the team, why the company is taking on people now, what something you've read in the ad means, what career opportunities the company offers, and so on.
  • Prepare how to answer questions about your personality, your strengths and areas for improvement, and about what motivates you and why you applied for this particular job. Have a think about how you should justify your strengths, and pick out some specific examples that you can talk about. 
  • Consider what you can bring to the position in question and why they should employ you. 
  • Visualise a positive image of the interview. You can steer the interview in the right direction by visualising how you want to be perceived and how you want the interview to feel. If you go thinking "this'll never go well" instead, the chances are it won't.
  • Make sure you set off in plenty of time so that you don't end up arriving late or out of breath.
  • Memorise the name of the person you'll be meeting.