Reception & Switchboard

Do you love change and challenges?

Are you sociable, and do you find it easy to adapt to new workplace cultures? If so, working as one of our resource consultants could be ideal for you. We'll employ you, but you'll work on different jobs with our customers. This position will give you a broad network of contacts, great career opportunities and plenty of opportunities to influence your own work situation and personal development.

As one of our consultants we'll offer you traditional employment, with everything that entails in the form of a market rate salary, overtime payments, holiday, an occupational pension and insurance in accordance with the collective labour agreement. Fitness initiative contributions and occupational health care are also included.

Whether you're looking to advance your current position, get started with a company you admire or seek flexible work options, Manpower has the resources and expertise to match you to opportunities that fit both your professional and personal goals.

Be recruited to your Dream Company
If you'd like another employer to recruit you, we'd be happy to help. Submitting your CV to us will allow you to market yourself to all our recruiters. Our customers include everything from small, local, family-run companies to major international groups.