Work in your spare time today, shape your career tomorrow

Hours to suit you

Manpower Student offers fun, exciting, instructive spare-time jobs to students at universities and colleges. Varying, challenging jobs will give you valuable work experience while also allowing you to forge vital contacts for the future.

Get in touch with us – we can find you a spare-time job that'll fit in with your studies. You can work in your spare time whenever it suits you – during the day, in the evenings, on weekends or at night – if you contact us. You can do a few hours a week, or work more intensively for a short time. 

Lay the foundation for your future career
We'll help you to build up your CV and give you future career opportunities with many of the most attractive companies in Sweden. Working in your spare time while you study will give you the experience you need to stand out from the crowd once you graduate.

Variety of jobs
We have customers in a range of different industries, so we have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. Grab this opportunity to try out jobs in fields that are in no way related to your studies, or rack up some experience in your own future industry right now. Administration, reception, customer service, sales, finance, marketing, HR, payroll, warehousing, industry/logistics, shops, sales, IT, events and tourism, hotels and restaurants and driving jobs are all examples of fields in which we can offer spare-time jobs.