Establishment Pilot

Are you new to Sweden? If so, did you know you're entitled to use the services of an Establishment Pilot? Manpower Jobbstart offers Establishment Pilots who can help you to understand and find your way around Swedish society so that you feel at home in your new country. The aim is to get you into work or help you start your own business or enrol to study.

Those of us helping you have extensive experience of supporting and coaching new arrivals to the country, and we've successfully helped lots of people to find a job or a place to study. We have a broad network of both local and regional employer contacts. We'll work together on the basis of the establishment plan set up by you and your administrator at the Employment Service.

Manpower Jobbstart gives you:

■ A faster route into the world of work

■ A personal Establishment Pilot who has contacts in both your own particular field and the labour market in general

■ One-on-one coaching, focusing on you personally

■ Help and support with starting your own company

■ Study and vocational guidance

■ Community information

■ Help when you need to get in touch with organisations such as the Social Insurance Office, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Migration Authority, health and medical care services, someone to help you with housing, your bank, etc.

■ Help to apply for assessment of foreign education and work trials.

We speak lots of different languages, including English, Arabic, Farsi, Somali, Spanish and Syriac.