Support and Matching through Manpower Matchning – we guide you to a new job

Everyone needs a little help now and then. Manpower Matchning is here to support you if you are registered with Arbetsförmedlingen and are looking for a new job or a study program. In order to participate in Support and Matching you will need to contact your arbetsförmedlare at Arbetsförmedlingen, who will evaluate and decide if you have the need of Support and Matching with Manpower Matchning.

We help you find your match
Manpower Matchning has a clear goal – to successfully match you to a new job or study program in the shortest possible time. We equip you with powerful job search tools to help you find a path that takes you further in your work life. As part of Sweden's leading recruitment and staffing company, we are experts at matching skills and have tens of thousands of employers across the country as our clients.

It all revolves around you
With a personal labor market consultant, you get the individual support your need. Everything we do is based on your skills, abilities and motivation as an individual – in other words, what you know, what you want to learn, and what you want for your future. If you are considering a new career path or studies, a meeting with one of our skilled study and career counselors can help you find your way.

Clear employer focus
Our labor market consultants work with a clear employer focus to help you find a job that is right for you in the shortest possible time. We work closely with our colleagues in our staffing and recruitment division, which enables us to offer unique access to local and national networks of contacts.

Manpower Matchning gives you:

  • Customized matching.
  • Maximum possible job focus.
  • Mapping out of your profile and a concrete action plan with clear goals and subgoals.
  • New insights into your strengths and skills.
  • Greater information about the labor market.

You get access to:

  • A personal labor market consultant who supports you from start to finish.
  • Sweden's largest network of employer contacts in all industries.
  • Our 60 years of labor market experience.
  • Inspiring seminars and workshops.
  • Study and career counseling.
  • Manpower’s interactive skill-improvement courses.
  • Study visits, recruitment meetings and interviews.