Our expertise

It is not always easy to stay motivated during your job search. With a personal labor market consultant, you get the support you need on your journey towards your goal.

Manpower Matchning's labor market consultants are experts in the labor market and have vast experience in matching skills with market needs. Our labor market consultants are very knowledgeable and committed, with a wide range of education and experience from many different professions and industries, as well as their own experience of being a job seeker.

We have extensive knowledge and awareness of the local labor market in different industries and professional areas through our daily contact with companies and organizations in respective local areas that aims to search out recruitment needs and internship opportunities.

All labor market consultants have advanced knowledge about recruitment, matching and coaching, and they all undergo an internal program called Manpower Matchning Master Training to ensure that we work with a high level of quality and maintain focus on the individual and results.

Our skilled study and career counselors are specialized in providing support to people who are trying to decide whether to go back to school or find a new career path. They stay continuously up-to-date on what is happening in relation to education.

We work closely with our colleagues in our staffing and recruitment division, which gives us a strong employer focus and enables us to offer unique access to local and national networks of contacts.