Expert Technology Engineer / Architect

Det här jobbet är hämtat från Arbetsförmedlingen, rekryteringen utförs inte av Manpower

IT, data
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We're looking for an expert Technology Engineer/Architect to assist in connectivity automation.

We are at the beginning of our digital journey and in the hiring mode of competence within the Connectivity area. Since it will take some time before we can onboard new people and get the delivery strength, we need to fulfill the expected deliveries we need to cover this with consultants.

Our goal is to create awesome connectivity for customers and coworkers. To faster support our digitalization with new platforms we need to modernize and transform our network with automatization. We will not be able to support the reengineering with the few amounts of people we have access to within the area.

The scope of the consultant services is to assist in..
Be part of the design team modernizing and perfecting the existing network
Be part of the design team designing the company's next-generation automated network.
Evaluate how we best can create a fully automated zero-touch access network to speed the growth of the company.
Using DevOps ways of working spreading the mentality with co-workers.
Setup fully automated proof of concept environments.
Implementation of IaC and programmable networks.

Desired knowledge, experience, competence skills etc.
Python, Ansible (IaC) & Network Automation.
Knowledge of REST APIs, JSON, YAML and Jinja.
Advanced Linux skills including Linux networking.
Git & GitHub.
Good experience with Network Controllers (SDN).
Advanced Enterprise Wireless network experience.
Senior routing & switching Networking knowledge (CCNP+).
Multi-Vendor experience in a broad mix of network vendors and their technology.

Three most important things:
Senior routing & switching Networking knowledge (Expert)
Advanced Linux skills including Linux networking (Senior)