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The Mission of Customer Success is to increase sustainable proven value for both the Customers and the Company. We sell VALUE, not products. The only way to become your customer's trusted advisor is to earn that status by delivering value, rather than continuously introducing yourself as it.

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About Apptus

Apptus was born out of Lund University, Sweden, a world-renowned centre of excellence in the fields of mathematics and computer science. Many of our employees obtained PhDs and Doctorates here before joining our research & development and management teams. In Latin, "Apptus" means suitable, appropriate, fitting.

All-in-one AI-Powered eCommerce optimisation.
Apptus eSales is redefining online merchandising. It is enabling some of the world's leading retailers to dramatically improve sales performance, reduce cost, and drive organisational efficiency. Apptus eSales integrates the four pillars of e-commerce in one single solution. The four capabilities are exchanging data in real-time to optimise product relevance in all areas of the site. Visit for more information.

Success Manager Responsibility

The objective of the Customer Success Managers is to increase sustainable proven value for both the Customers and the Company.

As a Success Manager you are not focused on making sales, rather on educating your customers on the flexibility and capabilities of the software, in order to encourage them to continue using our solutions. On a daily basis you will drive their needs internally at Apptus to improve your customers business. An important part of the role is to establish Apptus as a partner with your customers.

Success Manager Skills

Success Managers should possess fantastic interpersonal skills and be strong leaders. They need to be highly organized and have experience leading others in projects. They should also be excellent communicators both orally and in writing.

Language skills
For this position it is required to be fluent in German (preferably native or bi-lingual) and familiar with German business culture. At least three-year experience working with German customers. We also assume that you are fully fluent and confident in at least one Scandinavian language.


They know their customers unlikely anybody else, becoming trusted advisors that customers see as true partners - able to deliver hard truths and believed to give unvarnished advice even when it's not in their interest. Often, others in the organisation will wonder whose side they are on!

High EQ

Customer success roles are about people. Your fundamental job is to build relationships with customers and stakeholders. Patience, calmness under pressure, attentiveness (the ability to listen, rather than speak) and a polite demeanor are all things you need to master.

Product and Market Best Practices

Success Managers must know Apptus' products inside and out, and a good grasp of the market place, and their customers' businesses and challenges. They are often called upon to provide knowledge to customers or to provide training. They help customers plan and understand the best ways to utilize the solutions based on the customer's business needs or business plans.


To get close to customers, success managers needs to understand them - in particular, the mechanics of their business. Great success managers act as consultants, taking time to understand the business realities and then working out the best way to reach their desired outcomes.


Our business runs on numbers, and we are looking for somebody who is comfortable in that world. We are sitting on a treasure trove of data that strong success managers will be able to unlock to drive higher satisfaction in the customers' organisations.

Tech Savvy

We always look for some level of technical comfort in our team, just because it's a lot easier to understand the sharp edge of our value. Therefore it's good to have a bit of understanding of web technologies such as Javascript, HTML, XML and Json.


It is of great advantage to have experience from working in the eCommerce market and knowledge like ecommerce best practices, Google Analytics & important KPI's.


At least three to five years in a professional environment will help most people to deliver a more polished, knowledgeable experience than somebody who's fresh out of college. Note that this doesn't mean you need to have a particular background, but experience in handling customer queries, solving business problems, quickly picking up new tools or skills and strategic thinking is a good background. Experience doing enterprise Key Account / Success Management is a great advantage.

Are you up for the challenge?

Apptus works with Experis in this process. Please submit your CV and motivated application via the application button. For questions regarding the position, please contact Christopher Weeks or Pierre Bellin at Experis: / 040 660 63 08 or / 040 660 63 03