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British International Schools® provide a comprehensive and challenging international education for students aged 6-18 in Sweden. We inspire students to be lifelong learners who contribute positively to a diverse and changing world.
Our schools offer rigorous, internationally recognised curricula and qualifications including the English National Curriculum. We provide students with a global education passport, equipping them to study anywhere in the world.
As part of the STEAM Education Group British International School, Uppsala (BISU) will be opening in August 2021 as premium British and International School in the heart of Uppsala, Sweden.
The British International school will commence the admissions in February 2021, the school will open in August 2021 for grades K through Grade 10 and will add grades 11 and 12 in the subsequent years. The school’s ultimate capacity will be 1500 students.
The British international school, Uppsala will follow the National Curriculum for England. The school’s curriculum will also integrate technology, featuring hands-on project-based learning, innovative teaching methods, technology initiatives and worldwide partnerships with leading experts and organizations in technology-related research and practice.
The British International school’s outstanding signature, as a STEAM Education School, is coupled with its future-fluent programme which embeds creative design, edge robotics and digital fluencies at its core. Through teaching, learning and innovation, students develop a mastery of multiple literacies and fluencies to support genuine world-class learning, personal growth, and future readiness.
More information about our STEAM Education can be found here https://steameducation.se/
We believe that outstanding teachers are the cornerstone of an outstanding school. By building on our teachers’ pedagogical practice through ongoing professional development we best serve the educational needs of our students and honour the concept of lifelong learning.

We are looking to appoint from August 2021
We are looking to appoint a dynamic, highly motivated, and high-quality Teacher to join our School and be part of the STEAM Education team. Working at STEAM means ample opportunities to LEARN. Your continuing professional development is so important for your career, for your students and for us.
If that sounds like you, share your experience with us by sending us your CV, we will have a conversation together about the roles we currently have available, and whether you would like to be considered for other opportunities.
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