HR & Payroll

You ensure that the staff are okay

Most people would agree that staff are the most important asset of any organisation. And of course, this makes great demands of anyone working with personnel issues. Our HR & Payroll specialist field is aimed at anyone who wants to work with everything from recruitment to training, payroll and staff benefits – all with a view to helping our customers become even more attractive employers.

We have a constant demand for personnel administrators, recruitment assistants, training administrators, payroll assistants, etc. It goes without saying that experience is a plus, but by all means get in touch even if you've just completed your training and are looking for your first job.

Working in an HR department
Working with HR issues can vary widely, depending on what kind of workplace you're in. Larger companies often have clear processes relating to how personnel surveys are to be carried out, and they may perhaps need to adapt to global HR policies, while smaller companies can be more flexible. Working for us as an HR & Payroll consultant will give you the opportunity to work in lots of different workplace cultures so that you can see what model suits you best.  

If you're looking for a new job as an HR manager, HR specialist, recruitment agent or similar, please don't hesitate to contact our sister company  Experis.