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Life as a consultant

Working as a consultant. Looking for both dynamic work and secure employment? Through us, you get the opportunity to join Sweden's most well-known and attractive companies.

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How do I get a job?

The road to getting a job at Manpower is divided into two steps:

1.  Create an account on manpower.se

2. Once you been created an account on Manpower, you can start search for the jobs you're interested in, or create a job monitor and get tips on vacancies directly in your email.


What happens when I have registered?

Once you have registered your CV, you will be available to our consulting managers and recruitment consultants who are looking for staff for various positions. To increase your chances of getting a job, it is important that you are active in your job search. Go to our website to look for interesting services and when you find a job that you want to apply for, just click on Apply and your CV will follow automatically.

Does Manpower need just my skills?

Our need for staff varies. By searching among vacancies on our website, you get a small idea of how much demand we and our customers have for your particular skills. If you want more current information, you are welcome to contact us.

How am I doing in the process?

We work to ensure that you receive a response to your application as soon as possible. If you have applied for a position at Manpower, you will always receive an answer at the latest when the appointment has been made, either by phone or email.

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