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When you hire our personnel, you can be sure of one thing. You get expertise, experience and the right attitude. We are convinced that it is the individuals who decide whether a business is successful or not, and our mission is to make sure that you get the people that match your company culture and needs. To achieve this, we put a great deal of effort into mapping each applicant's unique competence, personality and motivation for different tasks. Our work starts with a thorough needs analysis we conduct with you. This results in a requirement specification that is then matched against interested applicants. Why should I bring in staff from Manpower? Staffing is an efficient and flexible solution. You get the skills you need, when you need them.

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Questions and answers

What are the benefits of hiring consultants through Manpower?

How do you make sure I get the right person?

With our certified recruitment process, we map the consultants' personal qualities, skills and motivation. We match the requirements specification from you with interested candidates.

How do you find the best candidates?

Our candidates go through extensive interviews, references and tests so that we can map knowledge, experiences, interests and wishes. We then match these with the analysis we make of your company's needs. Our method is quality assured according to ISO.

As Sweden's largest staffing company, we have a wide network of contacts where our brand attracts candidates, which means that we have a large network with good skills. We have a centralized department that focuses on attracting and matching consultants. This so we can quickly and efficiently help you get the skills you need.

Why should I hire staff from Manpower?

Staffing is an efficient and flexible solution. You hire the skills you need when you need them.

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