Do you need to hire or recruit staff? Does your organization lack key people? Manpower helps you find the skills you need in your organization


Helping you fins the skills and talent you need

We help you find and attract the skills you need to create growth in a changing world. We understand your business and have the ability to strengthen it with human potential. Whether you need help with temporary reinforcement, strategic staffing or recruitment.

What We Do For You


Do you need to hire really sharp staff? With over 50 local offices, we are always close to you.


Through our sister company Jefferson Wells, we quickly deliver sharp candidates when you need to recruit.

Onsite Management

In close cooperation with you as a customer, we can appoint large volumes of staff Just-In-Time

Why should you choose Manpower?

Below we list the benefits of having Manpower as a partner.

We are close

To be able to match your company's needs, we need to understand your specific challenges and your local market. That is why we have over 50 offices throughout Sweden. The fact that we are always close means that we can build long-term relationships with your company and the local candidates and consultants.

We are fast

When the need to hire staff arises, it often has to be resolved quickly, and be right from the start. As Sweden's largest staffing company, we have a wide network of contacts and well-proven processes that enable us to quickly find the right skills.

We are safe

Our experience, size and our proven processes mean that we can always keep our promises. And usually exceed expectations. Whether it's a matter of finding a specific top competence or staffing an entire factory. Our financial stability also means that you can trust that we are there for you, regardless of the economic situation. When our consultants feel good, the job becomes good. As a hired consultant from Manpower, you always have good job security with a collective agreement and guaranteed salary. All consultants have their own consulting manager who coaches and ensures that everything works well and that the work feels developing. We also make sure to offer skills development and further training so that the consultant is well equipped for the labor market changes and new requirements. In this way, you as a customer also get extra security that everything works in the best way, and we take employer responsibility.

We work for a sustainable working life

As one of Sweden's largest employers, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to create a positive change in working life. By bringing people into the labor market, developing them in their professions and contributing to equal and inclusive workplaces, we make a difference every day - for people, companies and society at large.
Leader at Manpower

Patric Palm

Managing director Manpower Enterprise

Proximity and development - two success factors for Manpower How do we help our customers succeed? We believe in closeness and getting to know each other. Therefore, we are close to you with the goal of delivering consultants with the right personality who want to develop and grow together with the business.

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