Want to become a consultant at Manpower? We match your expertise with some of Sweden's most attractive businesses and brands, so that you can find your dream job.

Become a part of Manpower

Become one of our 4,500 consultants at Manpower. As a consultant, you get the opportunity to develop your skills through new exciting assignments, while building up your personal network and quickly strengthening your CV. When you work with us, you have a fixed salary, regulated holidays and all the other kinds of security that employment provides.

Questions and answers

What does it mean to be a consultant?

As a consultant, you will be employed by Manpower but work on an assignment with one of our customers. It can be short or long assignments. You receive an hourly wage and have a guaranteed wage if you are left without an assignment. We have a collective agreement, which means that you can feel secure in your employment with us.

5 benefits of being a consultant at Manpower

1. You get the opportunity to try out different roles and industries

Do you like to try new things and to meet people? Then the consulting role is right for you! Working as a mobile consultant gives you the opportunity to test different roles, companies and industries. As a consultant at Manpower, you thus build valuable experience and an attractive CV.

2. You get a consulting manager who supports and coaches

With Manpower as your Career Partner, you get a personal consulting manager that you can turn to during your employment regarding your current assignment and your future career.

3. You build a wide network

By working in several different workplaces, you meet many new people and quickly build a valuable network for your continued career.

4. You are covered by a collective agreement

As a consultant at Manpower, your employment is regulated by a collective agreement, which gives you contractual working conditions. The collective agreement governs, for example, your salary, holiday, pension and what compensation is paid for inconvenient working hours and overtime work.

5. You have a guaranteed salary and good benefits

As a consultant at Manpower, we guarantee that you will receive a part of your salary, so-called guaranteed salary, if your assignment is terminated for any reason until we have found an exciting new assignment.

As a consultant at Manpower, the following benefits are included:

Wellness allowance
Free access to 4500 educations, lectures and audio books
Occupational pension 

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