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What can we do for you?

Since 2014, Manpower Matching has helped over 10.000 applicants to find a new job/begin studies. We're experts in individual matching and are passionate about each person finding their place in the labour market. Manpower Matching works closely with our colleagues in the Manpower Group and together we fill over 20,000 vacancies each year. If you are enrolled with the Swedish Public Employment Service, you can take advantage of our knowledge, commitment and drive to find a job more quickly. Read on about what we offer and how to enter the program.

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Questions and answers about Manpower Matching

This is what Manpower Matching can offer you

How do I apply for the Manpower Matching program?

1. Contact the Swedish Public Employment Service

Arbetsförmedlingen decides if you have the opportunity to start the program Support and matching (STOM) or Rusta och matcha (ROM).

2. Select Manpower Matching via the Swedish Public Employment Service

Once you have been approved by the Swedish Public Employment Service, it is time to choose a supplier of STOM and ROM.


3. When you have chosen us as your supplier of STOM or ROM via the Swedish Public Employment Service, we will contact you!

You will find a link to the Swedish Public Employment Service here

What is the difference between Support and Matching (STOM) and Rusta and Matcha (ROM)?

Support and matching (STOM) or Rusta och Matcha (ROM) is for you who need intensive and adapted support when you apply for a job. You get help from a supervisor from Manpower Matching. The supervisor supports you on your way to work or study. During the year 2021, Support and Matching (STOM) will be gradually replaced by Rusta and Matcha (ROM).

Which will give you as a candidate a greater opportunity for flexibility and individual adaptation.

However, the goal with ROM is still exactly the same as in STOM - help you out to a new job or start studies as soon as possible.

What is included in the Manpower Matching program?

In the program at Manpower Matching, we start from your competence, ability and motivation to support and equip you with tools for you to be successful in your job search.

If you have study considerations, our competent career counselors can provide valuable information and guidance so that you can find the right education for you.

At Manpower Matchning, you are at the center, and together with your labor market consultant, you plan what activities you need for the process to move forward at all times. You meet your labor market consultant for individual interviews, and also participate in group activities where you get inspiration and tools in how you can develop your job search.

Our program focuses on:

Individualized matching
How to create winning resumes and application documents
Contacts with employers and how to find hidden jobs in the labor market
Personal marketing and how you can best develop your network in the job search
Preparation for job interviews and interview training
Inspirational seminars and workshops
Recruitment meetings with employers
Career guidance
Motivating efforts

Our labor market consultants work with a clear employer focus so that you can find a job that suits you in the shortest possible time. We work closely with our colleagues in our staffing and recruitment operations, which means that we can offer unique access to local and national contact networks.

What help do I get from Manpower Matching?

With us, you will meet a personal labor market consultant who will give you the support you need during the journey to achieve your goal.

Manpower Matching's labor market consultants are experts in the labor market and have extensive experience of matching skills to market needs. Our labor market consultants are very knowledgeable and committed with a breadth of education and experience from many different professions and industries, and our own experience of being a job seeker.

We have extensive knowledge and awareness of the local labor market in various industries and professional areas as we have daily contact with companies and organizations in each location.

All labor market consultants have in-depth knowledge in recruitment, matching and coaching, and we attach great importance to our internal training. In Manpower Matching Master Training, we ensure that everyone works with a high quality and with a focus on the individual and results.

Our competent career counselors specialize in being able to support you in thinking about starting studies or finding a new path in your career via Support & Matching and Rusta & Matcha, and are constantly updated on what is going on when it comes to everything related to education.

We work closely with our colleagues in our staffing and recruitment operations, which means that we have a strong employer focus and can offer unique access to local and national contact networks.

Do you collaborate with your colleagues who recruit and hire staff?

Manpower Matching is part of ManpowerGroup and we complement our staffing and recruitment activities by presenting candidates for various positions and professional roles.

We see our close collaboration with our professional and knowledgeable colleagues as one of our absolute foremost strengths and this contributes to results that benefit all parts.




Leader at Manpower

Lena Molin

Operative Manager - Manpower Matchning

Manpower Matching is one of approx 180 actors who act as the Swedish Public Employment Service's extended arm with the task of helping jobseekers to either find a job or a relevant education. Since the start in 2014, Manpower Matching's coaches have given almost 10,000 people the support they needed to get a job or start studying.

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